Welcome to The Woodbine Workshop

Book design & illustration based near leafy, lovely Bath

Hi! I'm Anna. I'm a book designer, illustrator and die hard Earl Grey drinker. It's my job to draw things on varying sizes of rectangle. I love my job.


My work is colourful (I find it really hard not to use pink), graphic and warm. I love books with complicated heroins and windy beaches. My favourite things in the world are trees and whales and if I was an animal I'd 100% be a barn owl. When I draw for fun it's usually of, or for kids. I have two wild and fascinating kids who are often my wonderful, grubby muses. I sometimes sneak elements of them into my work, and I'd love to work on more kid's books.


I've been designing books for nearly 10 years and worked on lots of lovely covers including great books for Jodi Picoult, Chris Cleave and David Mitchell. I even saw my A Man Called Ove cover on Jamie Oliver's coffee table, which feels like a win to me.


I'd love to hear from you and I'm always more than happy to discuss a project, big, small, bespoke, book-shaped or otherwise. Say hello!

Instagram: @woodbineworkshopco



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