Welcome to The Woodbine Workshop

A design & illustration studio based near leafy, lovely Bath

Hello, I'm Anna, a book designer and illustrator. I've been designing book covers for many years, and have designed for wonderful authors including Jodi Picoult, David Mitchell, Thomas Kennealy and Melvyn Bragg. I've won a few awards along the way and have a whole bookshelf of books to my name. 

I love to illustrate the glorious simple things; river swims, rock pools, plants, bugs. Anything natural that gets your hands a little bit dirty.

My loves include really hot tea (Earl, always) with buttered toast, wind in my face, the smell of horses, comfortable shoes, good wallpaper, quiet weekends and that lovely damp smell after its rained. 

I'd love to hear from you and I'm always more than happy to discuss a project, big, small, bespoke, book-shaped or otherwise. Say hello!

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Photographs by Charlie Britz Photography

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